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If there's something clogged in your shower drain,

who ya gonna call? (Chore busters!) ♫

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Name:The adventures of the Abrakawdabras
Website:Chore Wars
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:F!S Chore Wars comm to motivate members into having awesome habits through the power of gamification

We were born thanks to a fabulous anon who submitted a secret to F!S about how they were embarrassed to use a children's tool for motivation to act like an adult. The members you see here are the people who thought that sounded like a brilliant idea.

Our slogan is either
"Note: I have no idea what I'm doing."
"It's okay, I don't think any of us know what we're doing."
"The Brave Adventurers of AbraKAWdabra: Do you know what's going on?"
"I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, but according to the thread neither does anyone else."
"Does anyone know what is going on?"
"I thought I could be the CAWmbo breaker of this terrible trend of confusion, but then a shopkeeper killed me while buying groceries. This is wonderful!!!"

One of those. I don't know.

Dungeon Master: [personal profile] caecilia
Henchlings: [personal profile] anonymouslyyours[personal profile] cloud_riven

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chore tactical advantage, gamification, gettin' motivated, getting those xp points, gold, i don't what i'm doing, nerderry, peer pressure
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